Joy Jugo


Frank Jugo 

 Enrolled Agent

Joy has been a CPA for over 50 years and an Attorney for over 35 years and is licensed to practice in Arizona and Texas. She brings her experience in both public and private accounting to help clients with tax issues in their businesses, trusts or personal tax returns. She also works with a number of closely held firms in tax planning and preparation. Her experience in representing large and small businesses in audits with state and federal tax authorities, as well as an IRS Tax Examiner provide extensive experience in representing clients before the IRS. Her areas of expertise include: Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships, Gift Tax, Estate and Trust Returns, Rental Properties, Oil and Gas Royalties, Closely Held Businesses and Stock Transactions. 

Joy is also an Attorney who is licensed to practice in Arizona and Texas.  The Attorney services she offers is listed on her web site (

Frank is also extremely knowledgeable in tax law, IRS procedures, audit practices, and representation responsibilities. His experience is extremely useful as a Tax Preparer with over 38 years of experience working for the IRS (13 as an IRS Director), over 5 years of experience working for H & R Block and 8 years in a private practice. He is also an Enrolled Agent who has demonstrated his proficiency in federal tax planning, individual and business tax return preparation, and representation by passing a comprehensive three-part Special Enrollment Examination before the IRS. He has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the I.R.S. and is unrestricted as to which taxpayers he can represent, what types of tax matters he can handle and which IRS offices he can represent clients. He has taught Basic and Advanced Income Tax Classes for H & R Block and the I.R.S. He has prepared all types of Individual and Business types of returns, but specializes in returns involving itemized deductions, sales of stocks, self-employment, rental properties and sales of business assets.

Frank is also a Notary Public and his services are listed on his web site (